Founded by the BTHA, the Toy Trust- the industry’s charity- exists to raise money predominantly from the toy industry, its suppliers and friends; and distribute the money raised to charities helping disadvantaged and disabled children within the UK and abroad.

Main Functions of the Toy Trust


Co-ordinates and organises various fundraising activities


Makes donations only to charities for children


Provides emergency aid in any crisis involving children

Our Objectives

The Toy Trust is a registered charity, with annual accounts and an annual report submitted to the Charities Commission.

The support of charities associated with children has for many years been a feature of the work of the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA). In its earliest days, the Association raised money from the toy industry which it pledged to one charity on an annual basis. The BTHA has always been conscious that its own fundraising activities for children’s causes have in all probability been more than matched by those of individual BTHA members. It is also probable that the extent to which toy manufacturers support children’s charities goes largely unremarked and unnoticed by the public.

In 1989 the concept of creating a charitable Trust was discussed by the BTHA’s Council as the most effective conduit for charitable giving. The Toy Trust became a registered charity on 24 January 1991 and was launched by a £10,000 donation from the BTHA. The charitable Trust deed states that all donations will be made to “such charity or charities or charitable purposes connected with children as they (the trustees) shall in their absolute discretion decide”.

In exceptional circumstances, at the trustees’ discretion, the Trust will make a donation to any crisis involving children which required an immediate response.

In addition to the smaller grants made by the Trust through the year, the Trust’s committee can decide to award a larger grant to one or a small number of charities in conjunction with the Trust’s annual fundraising events. As such, the Trust makes grants in response to requests from charitable causes where it considers their aims to be within its area of operation.  Beneficiaries of Toy Trust grants have come from the U.K. and overseas and assisted children with various needs across the globe.

The Toy Trust has trustees from the BTHA membership, a range of Charity Committee members from the wider industry assessing fundraising activities and grant applications and is audited annually by an independent auditor.   All administrative expenses have always been met by the British Toy and Hobby Association and all funds raised go to charities assisting children in need.

Toy Trust funds help disadvantaged children and their families to:


Alleviate suffering
Support children through awful experiences
Encourage achievement through adversity
Purchase vital equipment
Provide care
Bolster existing initiatives
Initiate brand new projects
Satisfy basic needs


Money raised through fundraising events and other initiatives is distributed by the Toy Trust committee that meets five or six times each year to allocate grants to children’s causes in need of support. All projects and charities, whether local, national or international, will receive consideration from the committee.

With the help of the many supporters of the trust, from across the entire industry, £6.2 million has been raised since its inception.


Anyone wishing to raise money on behalf of the Toy Trust should contact Matt Jones at the BTHA team.